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Nov 14, 2012 9:00am PST
guess when you work that hard, and the founders who are still alive today, dr. joseph marshall jr. and jack -- you probably don't have time to accept awards because you're still doing the work. it gives me great pleasure to accept this on behalf of theyñ?? omega boys club, 25 years after lching to that -- listening to that accomplishments and everything we've done i just reflected upon being a part of so many of those amazing experiences, and just being wild, sitting there listening. i know she mentioned thailand, south africa, and i just reflected on a trip i took with dr. marshall outside of the country to switzerland. we were in swirts land for two weeks i believe and just leaving the united states of america and see the world it held me to reflect on that night at the omega boys club, ndz night of course when the omega boys club told me you stick with us, we will help you see the world. i didn't know they meant that literally. i just thought they meant like giving me good talk to stay in the club. i wanted to take x?rknvrt timeo founders, dr. joseph marshall jr., and jack, t
Nov 11, 2012 8:30pm PST
for it on fourth down. >> cris: you have to take your shot eventually. >> al: they go to marshall over the middle. marshall trying to spring free around the outside. he'll go down at the 40. so it comes down to this for chicago. it's going to be fourth down and eight. campbell without the huddle. he has marshall going to the left side. he's got hester to the right side. he's got bennett in the slot to the right. precious seconds ticking off. down to a minute. and the pass intended for forte is incomplete. surrounded by four white shirts. so the bears throw their hands up and say "where is the call?" there is none. with a minute to go, wade phillips starts to get some high five's because the texans are going to go to 8-1. >> cris: connor barwin is going to pick this up coming all the way across the field here. a little contact there. but it was initiated as much by forte as fs barw it was by barw. no call. not a great night for the bears. for wade phillips, brilliant. absolutely, brilliant. all we want to say about the bears defense, it was wade phillips defense tonight who has got it done. >> al:
Nov 11, 2012 11:30pm EST
. >> cris: you have to take your shot eventually. >> al: they go to marshall over the middle. marshall trying to spring free around the outside. he'll go down at the 40. so it comes down to this for chicago. it's going to be fourth down and eight. campbell without the huddle. he has marshall going to the left side. he's got hester to the right side. he's got bennett in the slot to the right. precious seconds ticking off. down to a minute. and the pass intended for forte is incomplete. surrounded by four white shirts. so the bears throw their hands up and say "where is the call?" there is none. with a minute to go, wade phillips starts to get some high five's because the texans are going to go to 8-1. >> cris: connor barwin is going to pick this up coming all the way across the field here. a little contact there. but it was initiated as much by forte as fs barw it was by barw. no call. not a great night for the bears. for wade phillips, brilliant. absolutely, brilliant. all we want to say about the bears defense, it was wade phillips defense tonight who has got it done. >> al: he has ju
Nov 13, 2012 12:00pm EST
of the u.s. marshals. the just sentenced him to remain in the custody of marshals for the remainder of this business day. come 5:00 he will be released. as you say he has another court appearance at 2:00, 2:30 this afternoon on a misdemeanor charge over in superior court. the felony, the big one, in addition to being sentenced to the custody of u.s. marshals for the rest of the day, he will be under a 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. curfew for the next six months. he will be under electronic monitoring. he will be forced to remain in his home. he will be allowed to go out for religious events and work events approved by the court. after that six months home detention, he's got two years of supervised release and included in those two years will be some 480 hours of community service. judge richard leon made it clear he wants that to be visible community service. he wasn'ts kwame brown to be seen out there in the community. the 42-year-old former chairman did address the court. he told the judge he is sorry. he apologized. he said he does not consider himself a victim. he says that he's no l
Nov 4, 2012 8:00am PST
are delighted that marshall bouton will delivering today's keynote address. marhsall has led the chicago council on global affairs for the past decade and, like me, is a policy junkie. he previously held several wonky titles, including executive vice-president and chief operating officer of the asia society, director for policy analysis from near-east, african, south asia in the department of defense, special assistant to the u.s. ambassador to india, and executive secretary for the indo-u.s. sub-commission on education and culture. but even more impressive than his resume, is his obvious passion and commitment to fostering essential debate about tough issues. please join me now in welcoming dr. bouton, who, unfortunately for the chicago council, will be leaving there sometime next year. marshall will tell us more about the results of the fascinating new survey, will offer keynote remarks, and then we'll move to the panel. please welcome marshall bouton. [applause] marshall bouton: thank you jane very much. we're thrilled, we're honored, in fact the wilson center has agreed to partner with us in
Nov 18, 2012 6:30pm PST
. and defense, stop receiver, marshall and you stop the bears. >> brandon marshall is a weapon in their offense that they have thrown him in double coverage, sometimes triple coverage to make sure he is an element in that over fence, do you see that? >> yes. throw it in. sometimes they throw it up. allow him to go up and make a play. he trusts him. they, they are back together. he is playing at, you know, a high-level. i think this is the best that marshall has played in his career. you know the ball is going to 15. we have to know where he is all of the time. >> we have the match up here. coverage bigins at 5:00. right after with full locker room reaction. after stanford knocks off bcs. 17-14 in overtime last night. the college football world was turned upside down. the cardinal win was not the only shocker. number one, kansas state. blown out by baylor. what does it all mean? >> you can have notre dame and fighting for the national championship. the irish are followed by the trio of the fcc teams, dropping down out to 85. stanford checks in at number 8. the cardinal. now, against ucla for the
Nov 13, 2012 9:30pm PST
. >>).mstoo. >> commissioner kingsley: i brought them good luck perhaps. >> vice president marshall: i want to thank the chief and fellowd=yg $nujá attended the celebration of the 25th anniversarynkkív+ october 25 25 second world series game. i wanted to say at its very heart, omega is a balanced prevention agency. that's what we're about. some of the kids said chief king. and they know my fellow commissioner. so for you to say thank you to them for being part of the solution not part of thehym@&y problem, they appreciatehqs;f3d6 iñxbelieve commissioner loftus was there. >> i wanted to be there. >> vice president marshall: commissioner dejesus an??b?w kingsley. thank you foré31ú6 being there. >> it was a wonderful event. >> it was a treat to be there. the speaker was martin luther king's speech writer who helped him write the i have a dream#g speech. it was a wonderful $ué5l-e6 so thank you. >> thank you. anything further? announcements and scheduling of items identified forgb>çÑp] consideration, at fut
Nov 14, 2012 6:00pm EST
. and security just got a little bit easier for some bw y thurgood marshall travelers. >> ben roethlisberger is out. and now, his long-term prognosis, coming up. >> cooler than normal temperatures hanging around. >> some good news for travelers, but there is a bit of a catch. >> it is available at the airport for all flights leaving out of concourse d, as in david. they provide personal information about themselves online. they get put on a list, and in return, they get a no hassle security check in. >> we are able to provide them with an expedited security screening process so we can spend more time with those who may pose a threat to aviation, so it is really offering those you are willing to share information about themselves to have an expedited screening. >> we have provided a link on our website, be sure to click on news. >> now, your insta-weather plus forecast, with meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> it was a cold, early november morning. nashville, tenn., 32 degrees this morning. 34 degrees all of the way down into mississippi, and it was 18 in northern michigan. officiall
Nov 19, 2012 5:00pm PST
for him to try to make the 49er defense play honest and go deep to brandon marshall early. >> colin kaepernick last week i thought was a tale of two quarterbacks. the first half not steady on his feet, second half they looked like the quarterback they expected when they drafted him. >> definitely. he brings such a dynamic to the offense. he is a runner and he has a great arm. the guy is, you know, he has some game action under his belt now, and last week he came in kind of got rushed off the bench. he is prepared to be the starter this week knowing that alex may not be able to go so you should see a different quarterback this week. >> despite the fact that jay cutler won't start for chicago already still opposing players. donte whitner the 49ers safety says opposing teams are just getting up when they play san francisco. >> with one play specifically in the -- think it was the third or 4th quarter when stephen jackson took a third and 12 caught the ball on a check down and, you know, put a little extra effort into it and got the first down you see the entire sideline explode as if
Nov 10, 2012 11:30pm EST
at these numbers. 65 degrees at reagan, 66 in dulles. bwi thurgood marshall kicked in at 63 degrees. it was a mild day, pleasant day. here is what we are looking at right now, temperature wise. 43 in gaithersburg, 43 in baltimore, 42 degrees at dulles and 44 in martinsburg. a ridge of high pressure is moving out but we have a ridge of high pressure north of us and that will allow the warm air to move through our region. look at the division in the country. ahead of this, that's where the warmer air is settling and we'll benefit from that as we head into the course of tomorrow and see our temperatures rise. here is the ridge that will head out. the rim will be light pushing from the south on sunday. a little gusty on monday but they'll continue to boost our temperatures as we head to near 70 degrees. so tomorrow, by mid day, expect it to be about 65 degrees. we're going to see plenty of sunshine, perfect for veterans day because there's lots of outdoor activity and lots of parades that you get to enjoy as we celebrate our veterans. here is a look at the fox 5 seven-day forecast. warm day at 69 degr
Nov 28, 2012 12:00am PST
forth in marbury versus madison. marshall says, look this is a legal text. judges always have to treat the situation where legal texts contradict one another, where the con dick hundred is between two statutes, says john marshall, the more recent statute prestrails it has implicitly repealed the older one, but where the conflict is between a statute and a super statute, the constitution. >> rose: a canon. >> the constitution must prevail. so that is our approach to the constitution, it is the same as our approach to statutes. you start with the text. it is lawyers work. it is not politicians work. it is not sociologist' work. it is not economist' work. it is the work of interpreting, giving the fairest reading to a text. without which democracy doesn't work. i mean the only way you can have democracy the is an extensive nation is through laws, and if you don't give those written laws the meaning that they were understood to have by the people who adopted them and more importantly by the people to whom they were promulgated, democracy doesn't work. >> rose: constitution was written in w
Nov 12, 2012 7:30am EST
neutrality laws but those also very strong isolationist sentiment in america. and even george marshall who is chief military advisor to franklin roosevelt said, how could we send all these weapons to england if they're going to surrender to the british in a matter of weeks? and we end up fighting the germans? we will be charging into the face of our own weapons. but even though the operation of course when it happened around the world. and everyone knew about it. and roosevelt and marshall were very, very effected by this. they thought if the british government can do this, they are serious. they are not going to negotiate with the germans. they're going to stay in this for as long as they possibly can, and it opened up the pathway for armaments to go to britain, which were very much needed and very much appreciated. >> brooke stoddard, when the official date of the so called al of britain and? >> when were they? >> yeah. >> i think britain calls it july to the end of the timber, let's say. >> of 1940, which is essentially -- >> that's right. >> the segment of your book here. final questio
Nov 13, 2012 12:00pm PST
an agreement after an all night negotiating session and reporter crista marshall joins us live with details on the details. good afternoon. >> reporter: yeah, good afternoon. well, what a difference a couple of days make. earlier this week we didn't any this deal was going -- this deal was going to be reached that quickly but just hours and minutes ago some of the union workers and strikers were told to get back the work. usually the parking lot kind of filled with strikers' signs and some yelling. right now it's all quiet and the folks that were out here earlier have pretty much left those picket lines. today, most of those strikers arrived to their shifts getting some good news. following negotiations. now earlier in the week there were folks all over the stores picketing and some even being accused of accosting customers that were inside. but we're told today some sort of deal has since been reached. >> well, about -- i guess about an hour ago they officially called the stroke over. that they -- strike. that they came to an agreement that we were asking for. the same agreement for safewa
Nov 26, 2012 12:00pm PST
because we had a lot of people here thanksgiving so everybody had to go to the hospital. >> fire marshalls tell us this call was a good reminder for everyone to have working carbon- monoxide detectors and gas is especially dangerous. >> reporter: carbon-monoxide is odor less colorless and you can't tell it's there. a lot of heating equipment, if they are not functioning properly, they can be emitting carbon-monoxide. >> you can get carbon-monoxide boys son -- poisoning and if she didn't call, it could have been dangerous. >> reporter: a representative checked all the appliances and could not find any gas leaks. fire marshalls say it could have been cigarette smoke which led to carbon-monoxide levels being raised but we are not sure what happened at this time. >> reporter: they only had somalian smoke detectors installed but the landlord showed up and installed those carbon-monoxide detectors as well. beginning january 1st of next year, all apartments and homes in california will be required to have work being carbon- monoxide detectors. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> and a f
Nov 13, 2012 2:30pm PST
want perfect leaders. we tolerate mediocre leaders. world war ii, george marshall, and 90 days as a commander. nowadays, we expect mediocrity from our generals. nobody gets fired for anything. if we had perfect leaders, great. what we are doing now is not spirit we except mediocre leaders as long as they keep their pants on. it is little bit like our intelligence leaders are university professors. you can be lousy at your job, as long as you do not embarrass the institution, not a problem. go ahead and be mediocre. we have our priorities wrong. you do not want people who walk around as liars, but we need to except that david petraeus is a human being. we all fail at one time or another. we all need to make amends. tavis: i want to play with this concept. i think -- i am obviously playing devil's advocate. let me come to your side of the ledger. there is something here. let me start by asking, what do you think would have happened once the story broke? if the president has said, to no petraeus came to me and he told me about it, i do not condone what he did, he made a mistake. u
Nov 15, 2012 5:00pm EST
to get somebody out there, the baby is coming. dodge the safety marshall took the job. >> i was nervous, too. >> she follows the instructions she ise dispatcher, wonderful. >> you got it? >> it is a girl. >> right now, try to cover up the baby. >> marshall heard the sound she was waiting for. as for the mom and the baby, well, it was a hectic ordeal. >> i am not sure exactly what everybody happened, did a good team effort. >> that is the kind of have been you hope to any kind of crisis. , just one week until thanksgiving, the two women are already waiting in line for black friday deals. i was sure you wear. >> sentiment captioned by the national captioning institute >> some parents voiced their opinions today. >> is standing room only, a g that is likely to go well into the night. the proposal to close one out of roughly six schools. it is the first of two days of hearings in the d.c. council and theosing schools withers were packed against while outside closingtargeted for protested and pointed to empty housing homes being renovated. >> we will have 600 residents bac
Nov 12, 2012 4:25am EST
to it and we'll start with numbers that are currently in the low 50s. 52degrees. 52 at dulles. bwi marshall, 41 degrees. if you get the cheering, it doesn't take a lot to get the temperatures back into the 40s. 40s to the north and east this morning. cold front, you can see it there on the left-hand side of your screen. it will be approaching. might be a little early sunshine. we'll cloud up quickly. most of your day shoulded cloudy. the rain will get in here. it will be here for tomorrow morning's commute. and by tomorrow, we'll struggle to get to 50. so you get the idea that we'll have a little reinforcing shot of some cooler air. enjoy today. there you go. cool conditions to start your day. most had cloudy this afternoon. highs in the upper 60s. >> we knew it couldn't last forever. >> you got it. >> time now to check in with julie wright to see what is happening on the early, early morning commute. >> that is so funny that you said ffer. i got out of the car and i was listening to make it last forever. although i think keith and i were talking about two different things. -- that is so funny
Nov 16, 2012 6:00pm EST
degrees. below average. dulles, 53; bwi-slur food/marshal 53 degrees and -- thurgood-marshal 53 degrees and tomorrow is going to be delightful. a lot of clear skies around the region. the clouds we had have disappeared to the south and there continues to be some persistent moisture hanging off along the southeastern united states and that is probably going to flirt with the carolinas this weekend. we think the area of disturbed weather will hang around into next week, too. off of the coast and sometimes they shift position and that is going to be too close for comfort and 39 if in in gaithersburg and a couple of other cooler spots like culpeper at 37 degrees and that is a chill in the air. the bottom line, chilly overnight and we're going head into the upper 20s for a few spots, about 29 degrees here and to frederick. thirty for gaithersburg; 37 for d.c., annapolis at 36 and 31 for martinsburg. about as chilly as we were in some spots last night and cooler. 37 degrees in the district and under clear skies with the cool temperatures. the clouds last night prevented us from getting too co
Nov 4, 2012 9:00am EST
are starting to break apart right now. across the state, 44 at b.w.i. marshall, 44 in washington and 41 in oakland. snow in garrett county in the western part of the state so it's colder there right now but we are expecting the forecast to be in the upper 40's to near 50 degrees into the afternoon. you are going to start to see the sunshine break out later this morning, as well. >> reaching for the finish line, mitt romney and president obama continuing their last haul through the battleground states ahead of tuesday's election. >> later today, both candidates will be in ohio, a must-win for both campaigns. here brian mooar with that story from washington. >> former president bill clinton may have been losing his voice >> but he has done a good job with a bad hand. >> but in virginia, he spoke up for president obama, trying to soften up a critical swing state. >> we've made real progress, virginia. >> governor romney is trying to hold down iowa, a battleground state where he's fallen behind five points in the latest polls. >> with the vote of the people of iowa, we can't lose. >> the ca
Nov 5, 2012 12:00pm EST
's ballot has other issues as groups marshall their forces to drum up the vote. it's the top of the ticket drawing people to the polls but turnout could hinge on the statewide ballot. >> we have three ballot questions that are emotional and could drive turnout. >> 12% of maryland's voters have cast early ballots this year. candidates are not the only ones preparing. marylanders for marriage equality are holding a training session for the polls on sunday, to say yess to item six and alloww couples otto marry. >> they want to get that civil marriage license -- >> the latest survey shows they are split on question six. visit to eread morree on local issues and take a final look at the candidates before heading to the polls. >> we started out with clear temperatures. a northwest wind at 7 mph. we will only make it to 51. 10 degrees below the mark, even with the sunshine. when we come back we have the seven-day forecast and we give you the details on the possibility of a nor'easter up the east coast. >> back to the big story. the race is virtually deadlocked and the outcome could dep
Nov 13, 2012 6:00pm EST
with that story. has alreadywn served his jail time. spent six hours in the custody of u.s. marshals so the judge did say that he gave brown the required jail time. hear a free man about half an hour ago. in federal court, he told the has been embarrassed and publicly humiliated. brown rejected the u.s. sentence recommended of six days in jail and three years' probation. lawyer asked for no jail two years' probation. e decided to jail him hours and two years' probation. >> the judge felt as though he to impose the minimum of jail time and ordered issue a valid judgment. >> he also opposed six months of e arrest with an ankle bracelet and 480 hours of community service. sentencing. >> this afternoon, brown was prisoners. there he was sentenced for misdemeanor is handling of campaign funds. was aly added punishment $250 fine. >> kwame brown, god bless them. i hope he gets the help he needs. ll.a tremendous faul brown is under house arrest for next six months. can leave to go to work if he can find a job. religious services or to handle his legal matters. must be in the house between 10:00 at night
Nov 11, 2012 11:15pm EST
today, unbelievable, 71 degrees at reagan national, 70 at dulles and 66 at bwi thurgood marshall, temperatures some 11 degrees above the seasonal average. so a very nice day temperature- wise. we really got a break this weekend. currently 54 at d.c., 48 at baltimore, 60 at fredericksburg this hour, 58 at dulles, 52 at manassas and 46 degrees at culpeper. we're seeing some warm conditions that will last quite a bit into the course of tomorrow at least. look at the national map. al
Nov 15, 2012 5:00am EST
# at reagan national. 35 this morning out at dulles and 39 at bwi marshall. still with temperatures up a little bit from yesterday when we were bottoming out around 30 at both lles and bwi marshall, it will be another cold one with highs in the upper 40s to about 50. -- 42 at reagan national. >> thank you. >>> time now to check in with julie wright. >> not a lot happening on our roads right now. traffic volume very light and working in our favor. lanes are open continuing inbound new york avenue at bladensburg headed from northeast to northwest. light traffic volume here. lanes are open conning from pennsylvania avenue out to 295. still an easy go so far on the beltway here at university boulevard. traffic flowing freely continuing past colesville road. inner loop of the beltway good to go as well from silver spring around towards college park. 95 and 295 quiet from b wait a minute marshall to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. >>> new this morning, get ready to pay more to drive on the dulles toll road. the metropolitan washington airports authority
Nov 3, 2012 11:45pm EDT
degrees at reagan national airport; 48 at dulles. the same at bwi thurgood marshal. the temperature some 13 to 14- degrees below the seasonal average and that is a good indication of how cool it is and where we should be temperaturewise. currently, the double fours in washington and fredericksburg. baltimore the same, 37 degrees in gaithersburg, cooler there. >> 42 at dulles and mart bins -- martinsburg, 39 degrees at culpepper this hour. the jet stream is letting in the cooler air across the area to the east. a lot of warm air from the south and we're dealing with the remnants of sandy moving out and leaving behind so much of the devastation that it can did. on the west, this is the west coast and this is where we're talking b the storm system developing into next week and that is looks like it's diving to the south andha is looking like it's going up the east coast. for election day, we have some mixed conditions. sunshine to the south, showers to the northwest and a little bit of snow as far as the area to the great lakes is concerned and that is chill around the area. and into thursd
Nov 20, 2012 4:00pm PST
are up here now, marshall,v,'(⌞ç philip, pamela,d will staff person leland, and newly elected plaza east tenant association martha. over the past several months, i have worked closely with staff and residents of the housing authority sites that quee that e have in district 5, whether programming community spaces, or connecting folks to mental health services, the group here today has gone above and beyond to be community builders for the residents of public housing. most recently the staff teamed with good will to get residents involved in the intensive job readiness program and 75% of the participants are public housing residents, with over half of the class coming from robert pitts, which is a development in district 5. these numbers arer ñ incredibld show how hard folks are working to empower public housing residents and move them forward to financial stability and economic success. i'm going to read just a little bit about each of you, and then if you can all make a comment just about who you are, or what motivates you, whatever. we have marshall johnson, supporting individuals and
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 533 (some duplicates have been removed)